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Reasons To Get Your Chimney Cleaned

*Fire death from total heating equipment in 2004 was 290, by 2012 it dropped to 210. The drop can be attributed to regular maintenance of your total heating equipment.

• Creosote: A gummy, foul smelling, and highly combustible by-product is a major culprit in fires.

• To provide better air quality within your home.

• Provides less chance of unseen structural issues.

• Can help reduce fuel cost. (Gas)

• Yearly inspections provide you with peace of mind that your chimneys are healthy and not a pest nest. Yearly inspections
  will also address any wood, brick, mortar or any water issues that may manifest.

Cleaning Process

 The chimney cleaning process begins with a full 4 point, top to bottom, side to side inspection. “Fire box, grate,
  damper, flue, cap, etc.”

 Your chimney sweep then protects both your home interior and there work environment.

 Using drop cloths and state of the art HEPA filtered Vacuum systems to contain soot, debris and dust.

 The inside of the fire box is scraped and debris and creosote are removed. Then our HEPA filter vacuum system is
  attached to the bottom of your flue.

 Your chimney sweep then moves to your roof. The flue is then swept from top to bottom. Aided by gravity to ensure the
  chimney is debris free. Returning inside the chimney sweep cleans the inside of your fire place completing the process.

 Estimated length of process 1 to 2 hour depending on condition.

Other Services:

• We offer scheduled maintenance.

Remodeling and installation.

 Water proofing.

 Chimney repairs (“chimney liners, brick, mortar, dampers, fixtures etc.)


Our low cost services begins at $89. This covers a full 4 point inspection and sweeping of chimney flue. Our technicians provide a detailed invoice giving you full insight to every step of the process.